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Who is the Alliance?

Kenosha County Long Term Care Workforce Alliance (Alliance) promotes the well-being of direct care workers. These paraprofessionals provide about 80% of the hands-on care for frail elderly and people with disabilities. Without these dedicated caregivers, the demand for long term care services could not be met.

Direct caregivers help those in need of assistance and also benefit from Caring Careers in long term care. Work experience in long term care creates opportunities for advancement. These entry level positions supply the tools for beginning the climb on a successful career ladder in healthcare.

Professional caregivers are crucial to clients' quality-of-life in terms of basic healthcare, personal-care assistance, companionship, and progressive development. Workers optimally possess various characteristics such as compassion and patience. Empathy, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills also contribute to a well-rounded direct caregiver. To meet future demands in long term care, direct care workers are needed.

The Alliance was established to develop and implement community wide strategies to improve the recruitment of the long term care (LTC) workforce. By connecting potential caregivers, employers, and the community, the Alliance assists in fulfilling workforce needs within healthcare.

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