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Job Seekers Assessment

Many people looking for jobs often question if health care, especially work in long term care (LTC), would be a good choice for them. The following two surveys will help you understand if a health care career is a good fit for you. By answering the questions to the following short surveys, you will know how you rank as a possible LTC worker. At the end, results will be calculated for you. Results are meant to benefit you alone and will not be viewed by anyone else.

Am I right for a Career in Healthcare?

This survey is private. Only you will see it.

For each quality, choose the number that describes you. Number 1 means it does not describe you at all. Number 5 means it describes you very well.

1 = Not at all 5 = Very much so

Is this Career Right for Me?

This survey is private. Only you will see it. Your ability to meet work requirements will be given at the end.

Here are some of the basic requirements for a job in long term care health. Some employers may see these as necessary.

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